The best instrument in the band, played by the select few. It is in the shape of a small tuba, and makes the sound of a trombone, but with a more mellow tone. It has four valves. While tromboners believe that they are the best and most important players of the band or orchestra, this is wrong, as the euphoniums can make the sound of a trombone, play in the style of a trombone, but better. The euphonium can play faster than a trombone, play more lyrical than a trombone, and is the better than the trombone in many ways. A euphonium player, in person, is more humble and is not egotistical, but on the internet, they can be as big a braggart as any other instrument's player. However, they aren't as egotistic as the trumpets. Euphonium players constantly hate being asked what their instrument is. If you mess with a euphonium player, you will get hurt.
Guy 1: What is that?

Guy 2: Looks like a tuba...

Euphonium player: This is a euphonium, fucktard.

Guy 2: A what?

Guy 1: A euphonit?

Euphonium player: EUPHONIUM.

*Euphonium player walks off and a trumpet player walks in*

Trumpet player: Euphonium players are so egotistical...

*Euphonium player runs up and beats the shit out of the trumpet player, then walks off*

Euphonium: Egotistical bastard...
by The Euphonium King November 29, 2011
1. (Noun) A Low Brass instrument that is commonly mistaken for a baritone. Although it plays very similar to a baritone; it's major difference being the conical bore. Euphoniums play in either bass clef or tenor clef, provided the player can read. In regards to the Low Brass section, they tend to be loners within the section. Very similar to mellophone and french horn players in High Brass. Euphoniums are high quality instruments, most times, played by musicians that are versed with several instrumnts.

Most euphoniums are made using traditional techniques. You take a poon tang-brass metaloid melted down using focused sun light and cool it into individual pieces using a compressed ocean breeze. It is then stored under the Southern Ocean so that the pressure compresses and tempers the metal. Euphoniums not made with these techniques are not traditional and should be avoided at all cost.
Those euphoniums are awesome backing up the trombones.
by PDC1398 March 01, 2015
A baby tuba.
What the heck is a euphonium?

A baby tuba, dude.
by TotallyNotMe March 07, 2010

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