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n. a eunuch unicorn. A unicorn that has been neutered, castrated, etc. An impotent unicorn.
Person 1: Dude that unicorn has a schlong but no balls!

Person 2: Oh, that because it's a Eunuchorn.

Unicorn 1: I hate this. I have no desire to mate with other unicorns and my energy levels have suffered greatly.

Unicorn 2: That's to be expected; your nuts are gone and you're a Eunuchorn now.
by Chick-fil-a-changler November 14, 2010
The eunuchorn is the saddest animal. Ever.
My girlfriend told me off in front of all of my friends. I felt like a eunuchorn.
by Santeru August 30, 2006
A eunuchorn is the saddest animal who, has ever lived, so sad that it doesn't deserve to be known by many and name should not be capitalized. The eunuchorn is very close to extinction. With only one of it's kind still living. Also related to Unicorns.
Some say it is Unicorn, who has been castrated(eunuch), so is a combination.
"Dude he is such a eunuchorn."

Jorge-"I don't know why he's so sad"
Johnny-"Dude didn't you know he is a eunuchorn"
Hiro-"I'm the only one left"
by lilunicron March 30, 2009
A castrated man using a prosthetic piece to fill his void.
"Wow! Look at the size of that guy!"
"I'ts not real."
"No, he's a sex offender and was castrated. That is simply a sex toy stapped on making him a Eunuchorn."
by thatguyonstage March 22, 2007
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