Friggin OUCH!!!!!
The king said in order to guard the harem I had to become a eunuch - friggin OUCH!!!
by stimpy October 16, 2003
Top Definition
1. A man with no ballsack.
2. a male human with no genitalia
Cmon, just do it, grow some balls you eunich!
by Chase Downing March 11, 2003
What some call big time soccer star David Laluz for getting kicked in the balls in the Venezualan championship game.
David Laluz became a Eunich after Jorge Chavez miss the soccer ball and kicked him between the legs.
by THE Wee Man April 22, 2009
a male homosexual used to guard the princes harem. a trusted house servant
eunichs were not castrated until male heterosexuals tricked their way into the princes harem.
by Tom O September 19, 2003
A male with no pee pee.
"A volcano exploded and lava hit my pee pee pee is now gone..I am a eunich now."
by no July 18, 2003
A computer operating system with no balls.
If you thought Windows was bollocks, then try has no balls!
by Mike February 13, 2004
you're a guy and you KNOW you're a guy? then you're not a eunich. nof said.
Hey! Look! I've got balls and a dick! I'm not a eunich! Whee! (Although questions as to the accuracy of this statement may be raised because of that "Whee")
by Vicky Dildo Lee December 01, 2003
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