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The Euglossian Society was formed when the Hesperian Society was forced to split into two groups that would become the Euglossian and the Philalethean Societies in 1913. The name Euglossian stems from a Greek term meaning "fluency of tongue" and our colors, purple and white, stand for royalty and purity. The Euglossian flowers are the purple violet for modesty and the white rose for majesty. Our motto is "Astra Castra Numen Lumen," which means "The stars our camping ground, divinity our light." Our mascot is the skunk and our letters are Epsilon Upsilon Gamma (EYΓ). Our slogan is "Modest, Pure, and Loving Quite," and we strive to live our lives accordingly. An important philosophy for all Euglossians is that we are "Eugnited but Eugnique." We celebrate each member's individuality, and at the same time rejoice in the common bond we share in the spirit of Euglossia.

As active members of the Heidelberg community, the Eugs participate in nearly all aspects of campus life: theater productions, various music ensembles, academic honoraries, WHEI radio/television, and athletic teams, to name a few. Our majors range from biology to education to psychology to music. We sponsor a blood drive each semester, as well as take part in other community service projects. We also hold social events, such as Spring Formal and the Purple Passion Party with the Heids (Nu Sigma Alpha).
Who's Eugs?
We're Eugs!
Who's Eugs?
We're Eugs!
Eug chant!
Eug-Eug-Eug-Eug, Eug-Eug!

Why is that girl over there eating so much?
Oh, she's in the Euglossian Society.
by everlongview April 07, 2011
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