An all-around great guy.

Girls want to be with him. Guys want to be him.
Dude, that guy is all euge now. He's really done well for himself.
by fongnian August 29, 2009
Top Definition
(Latin) Hooray!!!1
Dude, you pwnd that nublet. Euge!
by AP January 22, 2004
Latin exclamation of celebration.
I got an A in Latin... euge!!!!
by Caeciliusestinhorto July 29, 2010
adj. to be in a continual state of alcoholic intoxication.
v. to become intoxicated, to engage in public indecency/inappropriate disrobing, and to engage in loud, bawdy, raucous conversation, all simultaneously.
adj. Man, that guy was so euge, he made out with the ugliest chick in the bar!

v. Dude, you better stop euging or we're going to get thrown out of the bar!
by nianfong October 11, 2007
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