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Signifies something is female.
Boy: Hey dude!
Girl: I'm not a dude, I'm a girl...
Boy: Ok, dudETTE!
by Ette July 11, 2003
Pronounced (ett-ee), meaning bullshit.
Teacher: "Give me your phone."
Student: "ETTEEEEE!"
by NFHS November 02, 2010
a short term for cigarretes used by someone who is usually high or just a complete ass
You kid pass the ettes over HURR
by LUkeAss December 21, 2003
Feminine gender suffix (marker) of French provenance. Any word + -ette states a female.
Friend (common gender) + -ette = friendette (feminine gender).
Dude (male gender) + -ette = dudette (feminine gender).
by Yet Another Daniel Nielsen November 20, 2011