A great community filled with nice people, beautiful homes, great schools, and a very green, down to earth place. Home of the Kingsway, Humbertown, Ontario Place and Lake Ontario. Sure, there are areas that are more run down, and have crime, but what community doesn't?
Man, Etobicoke is such a great community.

Don't judge Etobicoke by The Park Lawn Ghetto or Jane and Finch.
by CanadianEh June 13, 2007
Top Definition
The western portion of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Etobicoke contains industrial zones, commercial areas, poor neighbourhoods such as Rexdale and affluent neighbourhoods such as The Kingsway.
by MD2090 February 06, 2007
The borough of Etobicoke, (pronounced: e-toe-bi-coe) known as a Township prior to 1967, joined the City of Toronto in the amalgamation of 1998. Etobicoke forms the majority of the western part of Toronto, though it should be noted that Missisauga, Brampton, and Oakville are all more westerly than it.

Etobicoke is a mixed area, with more affluent areas such as the Kingsway and Bloor West Village, and less prosperous areas such as Lakeshore and Albion.

It should be further noted that Jane and Finch, although a notable area, is NOT in Etobicoke, in fact, it is much closer to Vaughan.
Me: Etobicoke is part of Toronto.
Guy: Yep. This isn't really necessary because the definition was pretty long.
by Stephen P October 30, 2007
n. One of the 5 boroughs that make up the city of Toronto. A vast wasteland of run-down homes, dilapidated factories, and strip clubs. Rightly known as ghettobicoke.
The Jane and Finch area's pretty run-down, but Etobicoke is a close second.
by keyshaw July 15, 2005
Area in Toronto with shitty houses, project buildings, garbage, and industrial zones. Soon to be the next New York.
Vancouver guy A- Hey have you ever been to Etobicoke?

Vancouver guy B- Fuck that! Im good staying at home in my 500,000 dollar home..
by GodWitTheFlo August 25, 2007
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