Perhaps the oldest independent nation on the planet. Home to an ancient monarchy that desended from the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon.Speaking from a native Texans point of view it's one of the most beautiful and the most mysterious place i've ever been to (i've been to the capital Addis Ababa four times). I like it so much i'm purchasing a home there.
Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia is a city with a population of around four to five million inhabatants, that is constantly improving and reinventing itself just like any American city.
by KDL November 20, 2006
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Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy maintained its freedom from colonial rule.
did you know coffee orginated from Ethiopia in a region called KEFA?
by Yordanos Kidanemariam February 14, 2005
The homeland to the most beautiful women in the world.
Check out that fine gurl, I bet she is Ethiopian!
by Iya May 15, 2005
Was once amung the wealthiest and most powerful countries in ancient times, and is now amung the poorest. Life's a bitch, huh?
Ethiopia has a rich, interesting history, but its desperate beggers scare away most tourists.
by me February 01, 2004
Home of Hale Salase. All Hail jah!!
by dez nutaz October 04, 2003
A place white guys mention to black guys when all the white girls in the room like him. See also: angry white man.
Biff: Hey Leroy, I just saw Iman walk into that store across the street.

Leroy: Get real. Everybody knows Ethiopian girls don't like african americans!

Amber: Hiii Leeeroooy!

Biff: Damn!
by anonymous March 03, 2005
The Spur of some of the most sick jokes ive ever heard.
What do you call an ethiopian with a big nose?

A Golf Club.

Blacks dont feel pain the same us we do. Yeah right Mr Bush.
by Biafra J July 26, 2004

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