That guy everyone knows to have a huge fat cock that every boy envoy's and every girl wants in there pussy he is just so sexc did I mention he has a masssssive cock!
jOan:woo his cock hurt so bad
Mary:really,what was his name

by John smith1234567811 October 14, 2011
One of the most amazing boys you will ever meet. He is cute, charming, and sweet. He is shorter than most, but that makes him more adorable. He will stand up for you when others say something bad and will do whatever he can to make you feel better when you're down. He has a great sense of humor and can make you smile just by looking at you. You are Lucky if you have one for a boyfriend. I know I am!
Girl 1: I talked to Ethan today . He's so sweet.

Girl 2: well duh! He's Ethan
by Chickencheesenuggets January 14, 2016
A fucking gay ass mother fucker who can only bench press 65lb and looks like a mouse with a small scrotum . He also likes Asian dick.
Ethan like tabitha dick
by Gaynigg May 21, 2016
Most funniest, lovable stupid, thing in the world. Makes you smile anytime of the day. He reminds you of spaghetti and men.
This atmosphere is so Ethan
by BHlilmama January 19, 2016
The guy at the party always asking for a front. Often seen hitting on the less appealing women in the party. Ethan can be found outside the bathroom door asking to come in, even though he is broke. Hobbies include pretending to be from Newfoundland and holding a full time job.
Hey girl want to get a drink?
No Ethan, you're fat.
by Metal4braiiins July 07, 2016
Known for the man who has the smallest penis in the world and super gay and not better then colin cuz he sucks dick
ethan is gay
by Ethans small dick May 28, 2016
A guy who loves to go round sending nudes to every girl who's has skin. He's very tall, and has a 6.5cm and crusty dick.
There's nothing like a good old Ethan ;)
by 6.6cmandcrusty May 29, 2016
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