A super cute guy that drives something like a Honda CRV. He gets really good grades and goes to a school for smart kids, like Ohio State. He's not into sports, but he is a runner. He has the best hair and impeccable fashion sense.
Carl: Man that dud is too fly. What's his name?

Cornelius: Oh, that's Ethan.
by Jimmy Falcone December 13, 2012
Known for his witty charm and good looks this is the kind of guy every girl fites over and competes for. This guy is also known for having the largest dick in school.
Man he is shutch an ethan.
by random person 1234 January 23, 2014
That guy everyone knows to have a huge fat cock that every boy envoy's and every girl wants in there pussy he is just so sexc did I mention he has a masssssive cock!
jOan:woo his cock hurt so bad
Mary:really,what was his name

by John smith1234567811 October 14, 2011
1.one who has extreme skateboarding skills on vert and street. 2. an elite rubik's cuber.
1. person1: he just did a 1080 off that kicker
person2: yeah he is such an ethan
2. person1:he just solved a 10x10x10
he is an uber ethan
by Cooter P. May 30, 2008
cool, charming, suave, awesome with the women. a real tough guy.
I just played some baseball, and really had an Ethan time out there, and was just being a winner.

When you go into the club, just ethan it. Be like him. Be cool, act cool, be cool.
by Starbuch2003 February 19, 2015
Ethan is an interesting type of guy. He will seem like a jerk to everyone, but once you get to know him he is actually the nicest guy you will ever meet. He cares about girls, and is very outgoing and kind. He loves sports, especially football, and he is very good at it. Ethan is the type of guy that will stay up late with you and talk on the phone for hours. He will comfort you when you are upset and if you can't explain why you are upset he will hug you until you can. He is easy to fall in love with and loosing him is the most difficult thing anyone could go through, but you will always love him.
I had a break down last night, but Ethan was there for me
by efhwb February 09, 2015
A beautiful boy and certainly the beat boyfriend ever to be found. If you ever find an ethan scoop him up straight away before some other controlling bitch with the same name as you does;) he'll always be there for you especially in tears. -kisses are healing and his cuddles are fresh:3 Young with a really childish nature, often over obsessed with the word nipples and never fails to make you laugh. Such a lovely guy who will one day mean the world to you when feelings pour. A sexy sweet beautiful cute childish bundle of love.
Megan-i love you

ethan-i love you more my baby latias
by meganinwonderland182 June 28, 2013

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