A super duper kind-hearted person. He always puts others first, and loves everyone unconditionally. He is the kind of guy you would be so lucky to have. Ethan is my best friend. Ethan is a boy that can change a frown into a smile any day. Obviously, his favorite song is any song by Flo Rida (ex. Apple Bottom Jeans, Good Feeling, etc.). Ethan is handsome, and no matter how many times you want to go, Ethan wants you to stay. He is gentle, kind, hardworking, and respectful. He is the kind of guy you would want to spend your whole life with. <3
Person 1:Who is that caring guy?
Person 2: Oh, him? That's Ethan!
by ILYSM<3 November 17, 2013
He's sweet, funny, smart and athletic. He loves football and lacrosse. You can tell him anything because you KNOW you can trust him. He's "perfect". Literally every girl that meets him fall for him. He's the one that you never stop thinking about but think will never feel the same way. You think he's way out of your league. But you secretly hope he likes you back. If love at first sight is real, it's with him. He's Ethan, perfect, sweet, weird, funny, trustworthy Ethan.
That guy you know you will always love no matter what happens -Ethan
by Theoneyounevernotice January 20, 2013
1.one who has extreme skateboarding skills on vert and street. 2. an elite rubik's cuber.
1. person1: he just did a 1080 off that kicker
person2: yeah he is such an ethan
2. person1:he just solved a 10x10x10
he is an uber ethan
by Cooter P. May 30, 2008
Ethan is the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is one of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever come across. He is very intelligent and kind, and it isn't hard to fall for him. You'll fall for him without even realizing it. He will be a massive impact in your life in a good way. He is someone you will never forget, and never want to lose. Losing him would feel as if someone ripped out your heart then and there. He is perfect in everyway possible and doesn't fail to make you smile. He is beautiful. He has a stunning smile, like no other. His eyes are as radiant as the sun and you can get lost in them. He is gorgeous, cute, silly, adorable, and loves to cuddle. He doesn't mind a night in, or sitting through a romantic chick flick as long as he is with you. He is also very sport and loves baseball. He's a country guy so he doesn't mind getting dirty (; He likes to fish and go muddin'. He makes you laugh until you cry, he is hilarious. He is the type of guy that every girl dreams for. Everyone will try to steal him but he'll love you no matter what. You'll worry about other ladies, even some men, stealing. Hes just that big of a catch. He is strong willed on the inside and out. He is courageous and adventurous and is very trust worthy. He will make you feel like you are in a dream most of the time because of how perfect he is, you will never forget him. He has a beautiful soul and if you have an Ethan don't let him go.
gorgeous, sexy, country, intelligent, funny, caring, kind, adventurous. ethan
by silverunicorn July 02, 2013
A super cute guy that drives something like a Honda CRV. He gets really good grades and goes to a school for smart kids, like Ohio State. He's not into sports, but he is a runner. He has the best hair and impeccable fashion sense.
Carl: Man that dud is too fly. What's his name?

Cornelius: Oh, that's Ethan.
by Jimmy Falcone December 13, 2012
That guy everyone knows to have a huge fat cock that every boy envoy's and every girl wants in there pussy he is just so sexc did I mention he has a masssssive cock!
jOan:woo his cock hurt so bad
Mary:really,what was his name

by John smith1234567811 October 14, 2011
A very attractive person who know how to treat a woman with respect and how to make her feel good. He knows that he is a strong and handsom man.
damn! That Ethan is a hottie!!
by mindi gage January 28, 2014

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