A guy with a MASSIVE cock & much larger then morgans, AAND logans. Gets it in all the time. All the girls want him but he is always taken. He's also super athletic and strong. Useally the leader of his team

. Every guy envys him & wants to be in his position. Always Super Chill! & DIps Copenhagen straight ALL THE TIME & girls LOVE IT!!!!!!
1. Guy 1: Who does that guy think he is? deos he think he can just get any girl he want?

Guy 2: UHH.....yeah, DUDe he's ETHAN

Girl 1:who is that sexy guy standing over there?

Girl 2 thats ethan

Girl 1:I WAN HIM!!!

Girl 2: Then get in line.....He's taken
by B.A.M.F_7 April 21, 2011
Ethan Is A person With A 100Inch Penis
8=D x100 tht is Ethan's Dick
by EthanIsAwesome July 06, 2012
A super duper kind-hearted person. He always puts others first, and loves everyone unconditionally. He is the kind of guy you would be so lucky to have. Ethan is my best friend. Ethan is a boy that can change a frown into a smile any day. Obviously, his favorite song is any song by Flo Rida (ex. Apple Bottom Jeans, Good Feeling, etc.). Ethan is handsome, and no matter how many times you want to go, Ethan wants you to stay. He is gentle, kind, hardworking, and respectful. He is the kind of guy you would want to spend your whole life with. <3
Person 1:Who is that caring guy?
Person 2: Oh, him? That's Ethan!
by ILYSM<3 November 17, 2013
Ethan is a manly name given to only perfect men. His love is amazing and true...so if you are lucky enough to have one...don't let him go. When you look at his face you will first notice his nice kind eyes as well as his huge, adorable dimples. All kind of people like him and enjoy being around him. Along with his appearences he is also very athletic and is best at soccer as well as basketball. If you know an ethan you should become his friend immediatley because you will love him.
Maddie: I'm thinking of asking him out
Jessica: Who? Ethan?
Maddie: Duh! Who else?
Jessica: Good point. Man he is hot!
by 1ofmanyEthanLovers August 06, 2012
A total sweetheart and the most romantic guy ever. If you are lucky enough to get an Ethan, never let him go. Very into theatre and singing. Funny and inappropriate at times. Good kisser.
by Ceilingfan101 April 11, 2012
Ethan is perfect he is beautiful,hot and sexy ... He is a boy that I can trust so much he makes me so happy he warms my heart so much ,, I look forward to speaking and seeing him ... When I see him I get butterflies ... We have sucha laugh he makes me feel good about myself he has a great heart and I've fallen for him so much :) he is the boy I want to be with so then we can share Ben and Jerrys and cuddle :) I think he might be the one and to be honest I want him to be the one :) i love you xxx
I love you Ethan
by Mollyethan November 22, 2012
A gorgeous guy who is adorable, sweet, funny, very very loving, and who will do anything for the girl he loves. Also, extremely sexy and very good in bed. He's sometimes obsessed with silly things like eclipse'. But that changes nothing about how amazing he is. He also works at mcdonals (sexiest mcdonalds worker in the world!) and plays guitar. All the bitches want him. Their always hoppin' on his dick but he already has a wife.
Girl: Who's that cool guy making my sandwich?!
Girl 2: Oh thats ethan!
by loveyouuubabe415 October 11, 2011

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