the MOST AMAZING guy in the world, he is so sweet and so hot and everyone loves to be around him. good at wakeboarding, soccer, and basketball. can be a total jackass and break girls hearts, but usually is an all-around good guy. oooo AND he is the love of my life
ethan is the hottest piece of man i've ever met
by trippedintolove June 13, 2009
An amazing man who always knows what to say, he may be quiet, but his eyes say a lot about him. He's really funny and down to earth. He has amazing blue eyes and his voice is like silk, you never want to stop hearing it. He is super polite and all the parents love him! He is a good dancer and quite the charmer:). He is so handsome and he is muscular. His name meaning matches his description, strong and firm. If you ever find an Ethan, never let him go!
Look at Ethan, he is so handsome!
by Cutieduh12 July 01, 2011
Sooooooo sexy! He makes you feel comfortable even if its an awkward situation between him and yourself... He has intense eyes... Cute hair... And an amazing personality... Your lucky if you have one.
by Schileur February 04, 2012
an amazing listener, he's sweet, romantic and you'll fall head first for an Ethan, he makes you weak in the knees and every other cliche, he can be a player but won't break up with a girl without a good reason, if Ethan thinks your special he means it, he's a bit of a badass, usually very good at sports because he's so tall, he makes you feel safe, he's very protective all the girls want him, hes ripped. Girls usually don't let him go too easily, very trustworthy, will kick any guys ass who messes with the girl he loves, most guys are afraid to mess with him, he's usually attracted to brunettes, isn't afraid to tell whats on his mind, he cares deeply about his girlfriend, he'll do anything for the right girl, he enjoys hanging out with friends and flirting with girls, an Ethan is a heartbreaker but does it in the sweetest way. I love you Ethan <3
Did you see the size of that guy's dick ?

yeah, what do you expect ? his name is Ethan after all

J: this guy wouldn't stop calling me sexy last night, I'm so happy my boyfriend Ethan was there to kick his ass !
C: I want an Ethan ! -.-

Last night Ethan broke up with me ...
No worries he broke up with me in the sweetest way possible :D

Hey Ethan ! wanna hang out today ?!

Sorry man, I promised my girlfriend that I would go see her today, some other time (:

Girl: Something happened today ... :(
Ethan: what ?! whats wrong ?

Girl: its okay, we don't have to talk about it, I don't like telling my problems to guys,
Ethan: Oh, alright. You can talk to me, whatever, whenever, you know that right?
Girl: (heart melts) aww Ethan your the most amazing guy ! <3
by baaaby <3 June 20, 2011
Usually a sweet, amazing, and loving guy who will always be there for his family and friends. Easy going, very athletic, strong yet kind and gentle. A guy any girl would love to spend their life with. btw he`s mine
Girl 1 "OMG, is that the new guy?"
Girl 2 "yea, totally an Ethan"
Girl 1 "sooo agreed, he`s mine!!"
by his girl94 April 10, 2011
A young man who doesn't know what he's worth. He's very quiet and likes to keep to himself around people he doesn't know very well but can be very funny and caring towards his friends or people he's interested in. Ethan's tend to have very strange interests,but aren't afraid to admit that they can be a bit weird. Guys by the name of Ethan don't usually have a lot of experience with the ladies but somehow manage to capture certain girls' hearts and pull them in just with a ruffle of his hair and a half-hearted smile.
Girl: "Sometimes i don't think Ethan realises how cute and amazing he is"

Friend: "Why don't you tell him that, then?"

Girl: "No way, I'm to nervous. He's so perfect"
by TechnoFan July 14, 2012
A man who cares about the feelings of girls, enjoys the cowgirl position, wants to travel the world, his favorite colour is typically blue, he loves Canada and hockey, hates the Patriots, and buys his girlfriend Vera Bradley things.
"Wow, that's a cute Vera Bradley wallet. Where'd you get it?"
"Ethan bought it for me."
"Ohh, how typical of him!"
by Squirtleee January 24, 2010

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