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He's sweet, funny, smart and athletic. He loves football and lacrosse. You can tell him anything because you KNOW you can trust him. He's "perfect". Literally every girl that meets him fall for him. He's the one that you never stop thinking about but think will never feel the same way. You think he's way out of your league. But you secretly hope he likes you back. If love at first sight is real, it's with him. He's Ethan, perfect, sweet, weird, funny, trustworthy Ethan.
That guy you know you will always love no matter what happens -Ethan
by Theoneyounevernotice January 20, 2013
A male given name meaning strong, firm and safe.
Of course the girls like him, his name is Ethan after all.
by None May Pass January 16, 2008
known for his good looks,whitty charm, and having a much larger penis than Colin.
Ethan is such a hunk, he's' so massive.
by Nostrhere June 30, 2007
A boy that can change a girl's heart from cold and broken, to full of love and happiness. He may be soft spoken but he has a lot to say. He is handsome and all the girls want him. He is athletic and strong, but still kind and gentle. He is hard working and very respectful. He does everything he can to make you happy. He's someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Mary: Wow that guy seems amazing. What's his name?
Lilly: Ethan

Mary: Oh, figures.
by Hillary Hunter August 16, 2009
A perfectly perfect male; an unavailable man.
I love you Ethan.
by The Darling Little Sister August 25, 2008
An amazing, caring person who deserves the best in the world.

Ethan can also be defined under the words sexy, sweet, awesome, etc.
Ethan is the coolest person you will ever meet.
by Arielle Dixon August 23, 2007
usually the sexiest man in school and has many friends and many girls want him. hes charming, funny, nice, smart.
1. dude what happened to you?
Im pulling an Ethan

2. whoa, look at that ethan
3. hes the coolest man on earth
4. i wish i was an ethan
by ii ii ii i o ii o May 07, 2009
The cute white guy you find yourself staring at in class sometimes.
caught myself gazing at Ethan again...
by whoababyboomboominthebedroom December 21, 2009