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The statement that this Eternal Ferret, who does not have his own web dominion, has bested our lord limecat is nothing but heresy.

The battle was caught on video tape. The ferret was immediately distracted by something shiny, as they often are. Limecat swiped, and it was all over in an instant.
Eternal Ferret is dead. Long live Limecat!
by Kenthar February 10, 2004
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A pathetic mammalian creature who attempted to challenge the Gods of the Internet, Clock Spider and Limecat. The threat posed by the ferret appeared to be sufficient for His Limeness and the spider to make a brief truce and take it on. As soon as the fight started, Eternal Ferret was distracted by the shininess of Clock Spider's severed ninth leg (mounted in the sky, of course). Limecat swiped him, and he was scattered into oblivion.
Eternal Ferret is dead, another notch in Limecat's lime.
by The High Priest of Limecat February 27, 2004
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the eternal ferret is a mythical creature that was destroyed by limecat and the clock spider. the eternal ferret is not hiding with chinchillas (ferrets hate chinchillas)
eternal ferret died by the hand of the limecat
by Heskit April 10, 2007
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The Eternal Ferret is the most Powerful being in the Universe as we know it. This small, weasle like vermin has been around since the creation of Time. He has mystical powers that aurate from his shrill shreak. Many foes have tried to "Fade" him, none were successful at all. Such weak foes include limecat, Mertz,clock spider, and even the mighty cow. He is currently residing in Okanawa, Japan where he commands his army of chinchilas and ferrets.
"OMG! That F***ing ferret just ate that freakin cat... and his little hat too. WTF!?!?"
by Scotty February 07, 2004
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