Ethyl hydrate, also known as ethyl alcohol. Is used as a taste enhancer in drinks. Has the unfortunate side effect of producing intoxication if abused.

The Five Stages of Alcohol Intoxication:
1. Smart --- you've just had two drinks, and feel as if you've become an expert on all things relating to the universe.
2. Rich --- you've had another drink, and now feel that girls will be attracted to you because you are now a millionaire and own a mansion and a yacht.
3. Good-looking --- you've had five drinks in total, and know that you are as pretty as a picture. You also may believe that everyone is also as pretty as a picture --- of an ape! In Europe, this is the target stage of drunkenness.
4. Bullet-proof --- this is when you really should quit drinking. You've had seven or eight drinks already, and feel that you could go to the leanest, meanest biker in the bar, flip him off, and walk away without a scratch because you have super-secret government body armour. In America, this is the target stage of drunkenness.
5. Invisible --- STOP DRINKING, YOU IDIOT. You've had well over ten drinks, and feel that you can dance naked on the street or on tables, and no-one, but the person you're trying to impress, will see you. You don't need to hide from the people who want to fight you, as you can't be seen. And you can walk down the street singing the latest hip-hop song because no-one can see or hear you and you know all the words anyway.
Doctor: "Patient, female, 15 years old, suffered a nasty head bump as a result of a UBI."
Nurse: "UBI?"
Doctor: "Unexplained beer injury. Was suffering from extreme EtOH poisoning at the time. Hence her lack of clothing."
by Diacetylm0rphine February 13, 2010
Top Definition
Chemical abbreviation for ethyl alcohol; another synonym for alcohol or booze.
Hey, let's go to get crunk with a little bit of EtOH before we go to the club.
by rchow1 April 09, 2006
Grain alcohol, or the kind of alcohol in beer, wine and liquor. The short form EtOH is used by chemists to refer to the chemical, and medical doctors to refer to alcoholic beverages or the consumption thereof.

The term comes from organic chemistry nomenclature. Specifically, the "Et" refers to the "ethyl" group in grain alcohol, while the "OH" refers to the hydroxyl part of grain alcohol.
The doctor wrote "social EtOH" on the patient's chart after taking her history, after she said she was a social drinker.
by Oglesby Trelease July 15, 2010
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