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Eszter is a straightforward and honest girl. Eszter means taking action, being solid, resolute and determined. If Eszter doesn’t like a guy who’s hitting on her, she texts him back: “I’m not free for dinner tonight and I will never be. And it was a mistake giving you my number”.
Girl 1 - “Are you going to go out with that guy tonight?”
Girl 2 - “No, I don't like him. I think I’m going to perform an Eszter!”
by Ismininchen February 21, 2010
Cool, rad, wicked awesome, hip, coolest thing since sliced bread, etc.
"Oh my god, you are so eszter!"
by figment of your imagination March 22, 2008
Meaning: star.

Celebrity match: Queen Eszter (Esther) of Persia.

Amazing, mysterious and stunning at the same time. Probably quiet at first, but once you get to know her, she'll blow your mind. Graceful and smart, majestic and powerful. Very headstrong and passionate. You'll never regret meeting her.
-Isn't she so amazing?
-Oh yes, she's totally Eszter!

-Doesn't she remind you of Queen Eszter?
by invisibility September 29, 2011

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