(noun) translation Star in Espanol

As you gaze into the night sky, a dark blanket covers the day's azure.
Then as you carefully peer, the luminescent twinkle of stars will appear.
The beauty of the stars, the most mystical panorama owned by the hours of the night
By gazing at the sea of light, you will find peace and special insight.
The darkness of the night and the weak shine of the moon, is only the incredible background.
The true splendor, the hero of nightfall, are those stars that shine in front, beautiful stars we sweetly call.

Like a star, you shine in front of the dark sky and illuminate the night with your brightly shining light

Life can on occasion be gloomy... but when one recognizes they are like the star, they will know they can lighten the dark times with their iridescence from near or a far.

"you are a star in your heart and a star in mine" - a girl who loves
by starrynight.. June 25, 2010
Top Definition
A totally cool Spanish girl that often gets stuck in the rain waiting for a bus.
Hey look, there's Estrella, better get my umbrella
by jimmyeatsbananas November 30, 2009
1. Star
2. The state of being as estrella
3. The state of being in mild confusion, but nonetheless remaining happy and loveable.

1. To stare off into space while thinking about something that confuses you
2. To "awwww" after every sentence
There are lots of Estrellas out tonight!
That girl is such an Estrella!
I pulled an estrella yesterday during lecture.

I keep estrellaing during class!
You keep estrellaing when I say hi... why?!
by Midniterequiem September 20, 2007
A cute Hispanic chick with gorgeous eyes. Is always smiling or laughing for no reason and is great in bed. Cares a lot about others and you'll never regret meeting one.
Meeting Estrella was one of the best things in my life.
by Guess who it is January 10, 2016
A totally sexy, freaky, hot chick you want to have sex with but is also a psychopath.
Hey! Look, there's Estrella! I really want to have sex with her but if she is not happy she will kill me afterwards.
by Madman300 February 27, 2016
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