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Esting: Verb. To Est is to copy the personality, clothing and/or social group of a person.

Being an Ester is to just be a complete chief/Wasteman.
Esting is to copy or be a dick head about a scenario or situation.

Essential a word to tell someone they are either copying you and/or a dickhead who is talking nonsense.
Derived from the name Latin name Esteban.
Esting: scenario one. boy1 'hey where did you get that belt from?I want to buy it.' boy2 'stop Esting/being an Est, buy a different belt'
Scenario two. 'you ran away from the fight and left us, your such an est.'
Scenario three. *unfunny comment on twitter* 'mate your Esting'
by Estebun January 07, 2012
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