An awesome person all the way around... she is really outgoing and is the best friend you could ever ask for..
I just talked to Estelle, she is so funny and friendly!
by Rumalo April 30, 2011
Top Definition
The most stunning woman in the world. She is a walking oxymoron. She is innocent yet knowing, beautiful and intelligent, sensible but fun. Estelle is a keeper.
I fell in love with Estelle the day I met her
by ghj876 July 21, 2010
maj toig cool girl.
Man look at that Estelle over there.
by cool guy dustin September 11, 2006
Fanta Estelle Swaray, formally Est'elle

British R&B Singer, rapper and producer. Born in West London.
bob: Have you heard that song "American Boy" by Estelle?
sue: Yeah it's a great song
by Anonyma May 27, 2008
A stupid n fat bitch who thinks she's hot but everybody thinks the opposite.
Person: Do you know Estelle?
Person 2: Ew that stupid and fat bitch?
Person: Ya she insults everybody ew
by waffleswaggy August 17, 2014
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