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A slang (and might I say, realistic) term for Estabrook residence hall at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York. The term originated due to the fact that Estabrook is the ghetto-ist residence hall on campus. The elevators have a tendency to break, and are covered with graffitti and spit pools. Estabrook also supposedly houses the largest percentage of black people on campus, and therefore some of the wildest dorm parties. If you need weed, go to Estabrook. If you wanna spy on sexy athletes, go to Estabrook. Basically, if it's's in Estabrook and everybody on campus knows it.
White person: "Help! I'm stuck in the elevator!"

Random black girl: "What you es'pect, you live in Estahood."

White person: "Helpppp"
by MMeS October 21, 2010
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