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Es•six (es’iks), n.

1) The multi-talented rapper, music producer, graphic artist, webmaster and mastermind behind and other various websites including and, that praises the aspects of individuality, originality, and talent, and stands against mainstream exploitation and closed-mindedness.

2) Alias derived from the phrase "S6," which was derived from Scorpio 6 (the Zodiac sign and day of birth of the user of the alias), used by the mastermind of various websites including,, and for music-creation purposes and other online endeavors. (2004; Created by Essix)

3) Alias replacing "DJ Jake" with the release of "Reactions" on December 14th, 2004.
Essix endeavors to enlighten the world through his various forms of talents.
by Essix April 16, 2005
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The re-incarnation of DJ Jake.
DJ Jake is Essix now.
by House of Bizkits January 14, 2005
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