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its a bit hard to explain but, the general rule is you put 'UVAG' in the middle of a syllable. Unless there is a noun next to the UVAG, then, you replace the 'U' with what ever noun is next to it.
For example, the 'C' in cat, is one syllable, so you would put Cuvag-at.. 'CAT' cuvag-at.
An example when using a noun, 'HELLO' hEVAGell-lUVAGo. :)

I think thats about it,
suvago uvagi wuvagill buvage uvagoff thuvagen.
buvag-ye buvag-ye.
suvago uvagi wuvagill buvage uvagoff thuvagen.
govag-ood luvag-uck wuvagith Evagess-uvagex buvagack-sluvagang!
buvag-ye buvag-ye.

so i will be off then.
good luck with Essex Back slang!
by Ollie. March 05, 2008
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