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Espositoism - A godlessly circuitous obfuscation of an otherwise simple idea, concept, or series of words, designed, variously, to impress, densify, confuse, conflate, evade, intimidate, and/or otherwise manipulate the content in question or the appearance or trajectory of the discourse surrounding said content.

Standard language - "He shot her"

Espositoism - "Subject discharged his weapon, the projectile from which yielded significant trauma to the person of subject's presumptive target."

Used in context:

X: (straightforward question) What do you think?
Y: (bullshit evasive answer) Well, there are certain minimums with respect to the requisite forethought one needs invest before an appropriate response to your question can be given.
X: (aggravated response) I want you to take that Espositoism, shove it up your ass, and answer the question.
by Expo779 October 18, 2010
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