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the only radio staion on GTA Vice City with any artistic merit whatsoever, and the only station which wasnt a blatant cash-in on 80s chart hits which just happened to make a nice marketable box-set
"mate, seriously, if you dont stop listening to seig-seig-sputnik and put espantoso back on im going to anally violate you with the playstation controller"
by D-Bizz October 11, 2006
The worst radio station in Vice City. Listening to it will result in instant death. DJed by hyper, 10 year old Pepe (pronounced PEE-PEE). Involves a lot of gibberish tracks, which due to their gibberishness can only be roughly translated to English:


Only listen to VRock or Fever 105, if you wanna stay sane and happy, and most importantly ALIVE.
"Pepe and his stupid station, Espan-BOZO, oops I meant Espantoso deserve to die"
by MiloIsCool October 10, 2006
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