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Esme is a name that is used for girls who express their emotions through sexual actions. Though they might not always be the best in bed. Esme usually has very striking and bold features that mix with their exotic personality.
Esme's mad wanna take her to bed?
by Jessica Lowell September 24, 2007
Esme is ushally very pretty, sweet, and really popular. She has a unique attitude that is loved by everyone. She has a very cool and laided back outfits. When she talks on AIM or Myspace/Facebook
It sometimes looks like this:
" Omg! Hi I lovve what yerr wearing today =)
It was supper de duper cutte!"
( the double letters are intented)
But other wise she is ushally Envied by everyone. And she is crazy and fun and sweet.
" Woah, I love esme."
by LetterBoxCrew March 29, 2009
A hot babe
*Girl walks past.
Guy: Oh that girls such an esme! ;)
by hana! December 02, 2010
A name for a very ladylike girl.

She always dresses nice; has a good sense for fashion.
She loves jewelry.
Build very petite, with a nice body and legs.
Usually not very tall, of medium height.
Loves the bush, like to go hunting.
Even though she is petite and ladylike she can do anything a man can do.
Very good mother.
Has strong familly values.
Normally an accountant or something in the financial bussiness.
Can be a scrooge when it comes to money.
Very loyal and hard worker.
you can trust your secrets are safe with her!
Hey, call Esme, she will fix that for you!

Watch out for our MD, Esme, she is moody today.

Esme was so kind to lend uss some money last year when we were out of work.
by Southafricanfrenchman February 05, 2010
Esme's are always really pretty in a warm, hypnotic way. They dress subtle and classy. They are usually self-contained, quietly confident and slow to trust, but when they do, they are so loyal for life. Esme's make the best friends. Cool and sweet, funky, funny, unconventional and usually of small stature, petite.
That girl is so cute and cool; I bet she's an Esme.
by lastrolo March 22, 2012
An amazing ginger who was born with ginga ninja skills that everyone is jealous of. If you hate an Esme, you must have issues. Much.
Girl - Woah, that girl just did an amazng ninja move!
Girl 2 - Well she's Esme, of course she's ninja!
Girl - Damn that ninja, I hate her
Girl 2 - Woah, you have issues.
by AhhBooFredaschmina June 21, 2011

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of neurosis, and or psychosis


2. A person affected with multiple personality disorders, i.e.: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder.
I think you need to get a restraining order John, Esme is fucking crazy.
by Leilani Hale July 27, 2010