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Esmée is one of the most dazzling, beautiful, amazing, lovely, wondrous, perfect girls. She has a unique attitude that is loved by everyone. She has a very cool and laided back outfits. Very good mother.
Has strong familly values. Normale an accountant or something in the financial bussiness. Gorgeous hair and face. She mostly has guy friends. They make the best girlfriend ever. She knows exactly what she wants. Most of the time sweet, but don't make her angry, you will regret. Can be sometimes very arrogant. All the females want to be a Esmée for sure.
Woah, she is definitely a Esmée!

Why can't I be a Esmée?

She is so gorgeous! I love Esmée
by DaisyLi September 19, 2013
A lovely french girl's name.
Yeah, that's Esmée!
by qazwsxedc11 August 09, 2011