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A guy who is Eskimo Brother's with someone that you are Eskimo Brother's with, but not for the same girl.
"Hey, you're Eskimo Brother's with Mikey? I'm Eskimo Brother's with Mikey! That means we're Eskimo Cousins! Fack yeah!"
by Control_sauce November 18, 2009
When two bro's are eskimo brothers with the same bro, then the first two bro's are cousins
Ted and Paul are eskimo brothers with Jimmy, so Ted and Paul are eskimo cousins

"Dude you're eskimo brothers with John? Me too! We must be eskimo cousins"
by Alejandro Jules February 20, 2013
When two bros have both received oral sex from the same girl.
"I got a blow job from Kelly once."

"I got a blow job from Kelly too!"

"Bro, we're Eskimo Cousins!!"
by McApplejuiceBox February 02, 2013
When two or more girls (or guys) find out the same girl (or guy) had sex with their significant others.
Lindsey's boyfriend slept with Summer, and my boyfriend slept with Summer too! Lindsey and I are now Eskimo cousins.
by JP Lee April 10, 2012
Girls who have had sexual relations with brothers, or guys who have had sexual relations with girls who are sisters are called eskimo cousins.
Brittany: I had sex with Anthony.
Shelby: Hey, I had sex with his brother!
Brittany: That makes us Eskimo Cousins! Aye girl get it!
Shelby: Anthony's brother is way hotter.
by anon293920 September 03, 2013
When two men both share that have both made out with the same girl. It can be an enjoyable endearing term.

Similar to Eskimo Brothers
"You made out with Jen too?!"
"That makes us Eskimo Cousins!"
(High-five takes place)
by Trogdaft November 09, 2009
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