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When it is extremely cold outside and a group of females want to go out but still want to dress skanky. These females will dress down to summer clothes for the bar but will put a big coat on so right when they walk into the bar and take off the coat they are dressed like it is 90 outside. You wouldn't expect to see females skanking it up when it is 20 degrees outside but they hide it until they get inside
Mark says " Well John, I am pretty dissapointed with the weather. I doubt there will be girls looking skanky tonight because it is so damn cold."

John says " Don't worry Mark, the females will be eskimo whoring it up tonight!"

John says "Look Mark, I bet those two females are eskimo whores.(Females proceed to remove jackets and large clevage is now seen). See I told you they were eskimo whores!"
by Custas February 03, 2010

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