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A mighty cold, great-tasting and great-feeling thing for both you and me - as referred to by Drill Sgt. Hartman in the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket
Hartman (In a cadence; part of a run during Marine training - this is for the recruits to repeat): I don't know but I've been told!

Recruits: I don't know but I've been told!

Hartman: Eskimo pussy is mighty cold!

Recruits: Eskimo pussy is mighty cold!

Hartman: Mmm, good!

Recruits: Mmm, good!

Hartman: Feels good!

Recruits: Feels good!

Hartman: Is good!

Recruits: Is good!

Hartman: Real good!

Recruits: Real good!

Hartman: Tastes good!

Recruits: Tastes good!

Hartman: Mighty good!

Recruits: Mighty good!

Hartman: Good for you!

Recruits: Good for you!

Hartman: Good for me!

Recruits: Good for me!
by Diant Gick April 24, 2011
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