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A sub-genre of grime music that was the trademark sound of Wiley and his Roll Deep crew from roughly 2000-2004.

It was a raw, strange and sometimes bleak sound.

Eskibeat was the creation of Wiley himself. The 'eski' part of the name is always associated with Wiley as his nickname is 'Eskiboy'. Sometimes 'Eskibeat' was abbreviated to merely 'Eski'.

One of the signature sounds of Eskibeat was a "vhum vhum" sound. If you hear that sound, it is likely that you are listening to an old Wiley track.

Perhaps the most well-known of the Eskibeat tracks was Eskimo, one of Wiley's most memorable grime tunes to date.
"The best sort of grime is Eskibeat grime"
by frozenhysterical August 15, 2011
How Dizzee Rascal and Wiley like to call the music genre they do.
no example
by verna ohaoni February 29, 2004
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