n Something displeasing or unsatisfactory; used to express a feeling that cannot be stated in words. Origin: New York, NY
"What is wrong with you? You are soo .. esh."
by Ciara November 15, 2004
Top Definition
Means Donkey In Armenian
Toon Esh Es
by OoOoGraYoOoO November 25, 2003
pretty much short for eshays, or otherwise known as the new term for " weed ". usually lads say it
1 lets go for an esh braa

2 esh lad
by Asiara November 27, 2007
(Origin: Northern Beaches, Sydney dialect - Balgowlah Boys High)
(Pronounced: as spelt "Esh")

positive, meaning: yes, agreed, good, excited...

(To some extent, derived from 'fresh' and can be used in almost any sentence where general positivity is implied)
1. - "Do you want a beer?"

- "Esh"
(in this case, 'Esh' means 'yes')

2. - "Your shirt is esh"
(in this case, 'Esh' is substituted for nice/cool/good)

3. - "Let's go to another club.."

- "Esh"
(in this case, 'Esh' is substituted for either 'yes' or 'agreed')

4. - "That's esh!"
(in this case, 'Esh' would mean that whatever "that" is, is good/positive/cool/nice etc..)
by TrueAussieDictionary May 18, 2009
any marijuana otherwise known as "esh" or "esshi"
by stealth amuser August 30, 2009
marijuana smoking term - session
short for the word session, derived from
"want to a have a session?"
simplified "want to have a sesh?"
then simplified again "lets go for an Esh"
very similar to the word oke= smoke
and the word graf = graffiti (also Graffin)
>Dawaynelle - yo man did ya see that mad fro up?

>Blayden - yeah man, oi lets go do some graffin
>Dawaynelle - ye first lets have an esh bro
>Blayden - fuckin OKE!!
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux September 06, 2011
A derivative of "aesh," an all-purpose expression coined by Eric G of Sonoma, California at the time.

"Aesh" and "esh" are typically used as a response, and, depending on the tone of delivery, convey the user's feelings toward a subject. Bottom line, it's something you say when you're high (but not always) and words fail you, and it's catching on, so I felt the need to give myself credit somewhere.
Mikey: Race me Trinity!
Eric: Esh... (unwilling)
by Gricke October 11, 2009
Yes, Positive. (Sydney Northern Beaches Australia possible origin.) Sometimes pronounced Ash.
"I asked her to marry me and she said esh."
"EEEEEEEEsh that."
by Team_180B July 23, 2006
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