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Pronunciation: 'es-jE

Derived from the intials "S.G." from the gaming website "Seasoned Gamers".

A gamer that does not cheat, is a good sport, a good person, and someone that almost everyone would enjoy playing with.

A gamer who plays with respect for the game and for his or her opponents; that is, a gamer who puts the experience of gaming ahead of the thrill of victory.

A gamer that plays because they enjoy the experience of playing the game and the challenges it presents. They respect their opponents and teammates alike.

A gamer whose vocabulary lacks the SERIOUS use of the words Noob, Pwn, or Bitch.
That punk trash-talked me after he killed me. He's definitely not Esgy.

I really enjoyed playing against Omaj, he's definietly Esgy.
by Ace McKilty January 17, 2006