One of the most known graffiti artist of the 818 vally know as San Fernando Vally.He is well known for being in a crew calld U.R.A.k with other of the most known graffiti artist.His work speeks for it self,The crew stans for(u respect all kings).
"Hey did you see eros' bomb in the chase wash"
yeah he bombs wall's like the japanese bomb pearl harvard.
by mike 832 January 14, 2008
He is incredibly hot and handsome. He is the sweetest person you will ever meet and has a huge heart. Almost never gets mad at anyone or anything and very loving . Most of the time tall and tan.He is always chill, laid back. He is just a great person in general. He is just calm and super sweet. He will try everything to make you happy if you are sad. Is a plain ladies man with a great personality. He is also very rare so if you find him be sure to keep him because you might not ever find another person like him.
Eros is sooooo hot!

Eros did the sweetest thing for that girl!
by The best December 13, 2014

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