An audit firm where brand new staff are eligible for certification (CPA) bonuses to get paid more than their seniors, who are not eligible.
Hey, you know that new certification bonus progam at Ernst & Young? You are not eligible!
by Jim Freer September 25, 2007
A place where females in certain offices get paid significantly more than their male counterparts so that they don't blackmail the managing partner for grabbing their butt at the holiday party.
Amy is getting her MBA paid for by Ernst & Young because Partner Bob thinks she is hot, while Jeff can't even take one night class.
by Jeff1234 March 07, 2006
A organization consisting of sophomoric, overpaid individuals who are fresh out of college and think they are being crapped on by their employer when in fact they are worthless tools who can never get instructions right. However, its not their fault as there were no one good left at the top to teach them how to be good. Antonym: A cohesive organization that strives for continuous improvement and pride in the quality of work is evident at all levels...
Quality in everything we poo....
by Gotta play to win August 02, 2005
I only want to describe EY beijing:

1.a big warm family, with many cool co-workers,especially beautiful girls(status:single)!

2.a nice place, in Oriantal Plaza, with famous shopping centers and famous 'wangfujing' walking street! active company, has office party each month,group dinner twice a year, annual dinner every year with many many gifts,golf training program, karaoke/Bowling/badminton games and other activities

The Price of enjoying all the above is to work all day and all night...
there are so many activities, but only people in admin can join in. Professional staffs have no time to enjoy...what a pity...

Everytime the most beautiful woman in annual dinner is people from admin.Professional staffs have no time to make up and buy beautiful clothe...
by :) JoJo August 05, 2005
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