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Erlina is an uncommon first name for women in the United States, very popular in Southeast Asians. Means "noblewoman, princess, warrior, countess, Celtic girl, girl from Ireland." There are shorts by Ralph Lauren named Erlina. Commonly mispronounced as "ErlinDa, ArelinDa," even though there is CLEARLY no D in it. Girls named Erlina are tough, assertive, kick-butt women... maybe because they are accustomed to people mispronouncing and making fun of their names all their lives.
Look on Facebook, there are hundreds of Erlinas
by Melinda Magtiba Magtiba February 02, 2010
Pronounced: "Air-LEEN-ah"
(similar to Eric, or Erin, but... Erlina)

An uncommon female name in US & Canada, but popular among Southeast Asians.

Erlina is a name of legend harkening back to days of yore when the lioness hunted for her family, and survival of the fittest ruled the Earth.

Some who bear the name Erlina are the fierce descendants of Boudicca and other warrior women of the ancient and pagan Celts of Europe. We are oft-called 'celtic woman', 'girl from Ireland', or simply bear the variation on the noble title Earl in our name.

Others who bear this name are the warrior queens and princesses of Malaysia, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia, that act as a 'shield' for families, the strength of children, the pride of parents and siblings. They exhibit all the protective elements of mother and sisterhood.

We kick ass and take names... usually of those that mispronounce 'Erlina'. But we never take the names of other Erlinas, because a fight between even two of us would shake the very foundations of the universe and end life as we know it.

Women named Erlina are usually marked by stunning intellect and beauty in proportion to their great strength of will and character. Their friendship is loyal, their love steadfast, and their focus unwavering.

If you know an Erlina, take time today to be kind to her.
Erlina is a strong and beautiful woman.

Erlina is the nicest person on the planet. But... don't get on her bad side.

Erlina's a bitch. But, holy hell, she gets the job done.

I know an Erlina. You do too? Isn't that neat?!
by Blabitty Bobbitty Boo March 10, 2013
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