The female adaption of the name Aaron altho this is the female spelling of the name it does not mean it can not be a mans name and if a man does have the name Erin that person is usually a very well rounded person and is incredible in bed.
Girl:you see Erin over there he may not look like much but he is packing some serious bombs girl
by light skinned nigga July 18, 2010
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Fairly small, usually shortish hair and stunning looks. Can come off as quite bitchy until you get to know her then you realise how kind she really is. Very hardworking, she often overthinks situations or worries about things too much but it's only because she cares. Very funny (or likes to think she is) and an ambitious person.
Person 1: 'Who is that girl over there?'
Person 2: 'Oh that Erin, she's stunning isn't she?'
by X.amyXx September 17, 2016
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The best girlfriend ever. Her smile lights up every room shes in. When she smiles back at her forever it makes me feel like I can do anything. Her eyes are like an ocean and its easy to get lost in them. Her embrace is warm and welcoming for her forever. Everything she does is adorable and incredible. Shes got looks that makes the goddesses jealous. Shes perfection in its purest form. Shes got a heart of gold and im glad that its mine. Shes cute hot and sexy and one foxy lady. Shes adorable and tough all at the same time and is still caring and loving. Shes the greatest things ever all wrapped into one person. Shes touched my heart and soul. Shes a once in a lifetime girl and a one of a kind person. Shes my forever and I will love her till the end of time and forever after that. Her love is like heaven on earth because whatever she loves she keeps close to her heart.
Erin is one foxy lady.
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a female name, but in albania it is a male name.
Person 1: Hey , whats your name?
Person 2: Erin
Person 1: You mean A-r-o-n
Person 2: No E-r-i-n
Person 1: I thought that was a girl name
Person 2: Yea, b utI'm from albania
by ilay5991 March 27, 2011
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a really hot guy... he plays basketball, football and video games and still manages to bench twice his weight and maintain a 4.0 GPA. he is super tall and as a sexy deep voice.

he sings all the time (even though he cracks a lot) is amazingly sweet and is a total flirt. but when it comes to girls he is verrry oblivious
kasey: erin is so hot
alana: did u go to his bball game yesterdaY? HE STARTED!

kasey: OMG
alana :i luv him... hes such a cutie... im so happy for him
by bballbabyloves#25 December 11, 2010
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Erin is the most amazing person, To be an Erin is to be a strong irish lad. Erin can bench a truck and gets too many women. most men are very jealous of Erin because of his looks and how he can have any woman he wants. To be Erin is to be utterly perfect. lets be honest everyone loves Erin in all his Majesty he is utterly the man!
by the boss man from elsewhere February 27, 2011
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Erin is a girls name who's just drop dead gorgeous. She can scare you with her thoughts but they just sound stupid which makes you laugh like a idiot. She's got an amazing sense of humour and an amazing laugh/smile. She doesn't have to try to be beautiful like the other hoes it just comes in naturally. She's more clumsy than a baby learning to walk. If you know a Erin you're the luckiest person alive, and trust me I would know that.
I love you Erin❤
Doesn't she look so Erin today😍
by Zuze4ka January 12, 2017
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