Some bitch who will fall inlove with you within 30 seconds then screw you over. She is the definition of cellular light sally and to top it off she looks like shrek.
'Oh what the fuck is that disgusting mess'

'Thats just Erin'

by NippleBiscuit64 March 30, 2016
Found all over the world, Erins are mysterious creatures that spontaneously spawn whenever they are not required (all the time.) They are very strange organisms that like being hypocritical, hyperactive and hyperbitchy. The Eradicate Erin Act was established in 2005, meaning all Erins must be exterminated on sight. This can be achieved by simply brandishing an image of an average individual, as Erins tend to be (morbidly) obese with slug eyebrows. This sight will render them permanently paralyzed and then they will implode, scattered rainbow ponies that spit venom (symbolic of their seemingly innocence- but repulsive- appearance combined with their bitchy nature.) Please approach this... thing with caution. See also: Satan Hippo
*All is quiet and calm in an Australian classroom. Everyone is chattering animatedly, enjoying the sunny day whilst doing their work.*

*Erin spontaneously spawns. Does a demonic scream.* "DON'T LET THE HATERS GET YOU DOWN, EVEN THOUGH I AM A HATER MYSELF! Trips up and faceplants.*


Teacher- "DON'T WORRY! *Waves image of normal-looking girl, the type Erins would brand as "slutty"

ERIN: *ARRRRRRRRGH!" Implodes with a farting noise.

by ILoveYouHaters January 07, 2015
A short, blonde haired ,blue eyes girl with a great sense of humor. Usually white but into blacks. Is tough on the outside but sensitive about her height. She can be very inappropriate but never crosses the line too far. She is beautiful and has a great family. They might not always get along but blend well together and at the end of the day love each other. She doesn't care what others have to say about what she's wearing or what her hair looks like.
White Boy 1: Man, did you see Erin today? She's smoking!
White Boy 2: Yeah those lucky black guys! If only she was a not a night rider!
by Mystery anonymity December 23, 2012
An ugly, annoying, and total backstabber who will make up even the worst things only for attention
guy 1: Wow, did you actually rape her?
guy 2: Nope, thats just Erin making up more bullshit
by Markoviclover22 October 15, 2015
A Erin is a female, she is smart, beautiful, and Confident. Sometimes an Erin can be overly confident. They will ditch you for other people sometimes, and steal ideas to impress others, They can be Snobbish. Erin's are often wealthy. They are beautiful, as much as intelligent. A charmer.
Girl #1: OMG! Erin, Jessica, Abbey, You three look great!!!!

Girl #2: Yea!
Erin: Thanks!

by A Friend Of Erins. June 03, 2013
a female name, but in albania it is a male name.
Person 1: Hey , whats your name?
Person 2: Erin
Person 1: You mean A-r-o-n
Person 2: No E-r-i-n
Person 1: I thought that was a girl name
Person 2: Yea, b utI'm from albania
by ilay5991 March 27, 2011
A girl who is beautiful, yet chooses to be mean! Threatens people and can't take a taste of her own medicine. A bully.
Yeah that chick is a total Erin! I hate her.
by jonva January 16, 2015
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