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Short sexy girl with big boobs and loves her mate
Erin Short thang
by Asher963258 January 02, 2011
33 41
One whose secret weakness is corn to the face.
Nicole: (throws corn)

Erin: Ouch, that knocked my tooth out!
Nicole: Sorry, maybe if you weren't such an erin you'd have stronger enamel.
by charbie92 October 26, 2010
50 58
Erin is someone that nobody likes. She has a very annoying voice and talk too much. An Erin is a perfectionist. She has OCD and thinks words like ass are bad words.
Dahlia: look at dat ass
Erin: *gasp* "dahlia oooo you said a bad word
by Cocococococ November 21, 2013
4 15
The definition for this unisex name is that of a highly psychotic canadian. She's a squatter and pretends that people actually would think of even spending 2 seconds of their precious time caring about her. Has moments of being completely delusional..and may end up in the hospital on occasion. Needs a harsh reality check and needs to stop clinging to other people "guys" and live her own twisted life in whatever other demension she's been living in.
Erin loses her mind constantly.
by idgafsogohome July 27, 2013
0 14
a female name, but in albania it is a male name.
Person 1: Hey , whats your name?
Person 2: Erin
Person 1: You mean A-r-o-n
Person 2: No E-r-i-n
Person 1: I thought that was a girl name
Person 2: Yea, b utI'm from albania
by ilay5991 March 27, 2011
7 22
A person who borrows money a lot and then never pays it back.
Person 1: Don't be an Erin.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Because you'll owe loan sharks and die.
by hunkyjesus May 25, 2013
1 20
An Erin is a confident, successful, self-sufficient, money-hungry individual. She defies law and general authority because she's naturally rebellious. She's fearless and has an insatiable hunger for the opposite sex. Some would even describe her a a man-eater. An artificial red head this wild child will show you the meaning of dropping it low and shaking your booty Supreme Style!
That Erin is starving for attention find some sexy young men to feed it.
by Schmigiggles January 27, 2012
11 30