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A sexually transmitted infection which affects the sperm in adult males, presumably damaging chromosomes related to intelligence and decision making abilities. Other effects on children whose fathers have contracted this infection include: high-pitched “whiney” toned voice, increased chances of infidelity, as well as an insatiable thirst for pickle juice. Although the origin of the virus is unknown, it has been closely traced to a small town in Nebraska. No known cure for the virus exists, despite the newfound introduction of the virus into Europe. Children are often diagnosed with eriklymidia between the ages of 8 and 18 in females, 10 to 21 in males.
1. My baby girl was just diagnosed with eriklymidia. I knew I should have wrapped it before doing that dumb chick.

2. You didn't bang that Erika girl did you? You've probably got eriklymidia now!
#gonorrhea #aids #sperm #europe #chlamydia
by suicidalcripplemaster March 06, 2011
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