Erika's are cute and a good sense of humor they always have a nice butt and sexy tits. They never act awkward and are very friendly when asking for nudes (they usually give you the tits first in exchange for abs. They tend to be one of the taller and athletic girls.
by Erikassexy January 19, 2014
annoying, disturbing, nasty, gross, not that cute, rude, obnoxious, show off, awkward
Erika is nasty.
by pinkstella13558 May 25, 2014
stays fresca
you see that fresh ass girl over there...that's Erika!
by era666 February 02, 2010
a person who is unable to spell correctly
Woah1 that girl is such an erika!
by Winterice21 November 21, 2010
The bitchiest girl you will ever meet. very rude to people around her, is normally considered a skank but usually likes to deny it all the time. will go off on people for no reason and act fake to everybody shes around. erikas also think they are hot but in reality are very trashy people and are typically blondes.
That girl is such an Erika, i cant believe he likes her
by zouuu21 July 18, 2011

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