The most amazing and wonderful girl ever. She's always there for those she cares about. She's lovely and sweet. She can be mean sometimes, but she knows when to. She's also hot. Damn hot. Erika is the most amazing person ever.
Did you see that hot girl over there? That's Erika.
by alinabueno November 03, 2011
Erika is a beautiful girl. She is extremely musically talented. But, she also has the potential to exceed in any field of the arts. Or, if she puts her mind to it, any subject. She means the world to anyone who meets her, partner or friend. As a friend of an Erika, she is a great mentor and very friendly. She has her quirks, but they just add to the overall stunning effect.
"Who was that girl?"
"That was Erika."
One of the nicest girls you will meet. Has a nice personality but is usually found by herself. Has tons of friends and many girls are jealous of her. She may seem sweet and inocent but don't make her mad or you will feel the rath. Is usually quite the artist but likes to keep to herself alot. Thinks she ugly but almost always is pretty. Isn't one to be around girls and will most liky be found hanging out with guys. Sometimes very nerdy.
Guy: Man Erika is fine today.
Girl: Excuse me? You have a girlfriend you know?

Guy: It's cool we're just friends *thinks: For now*
by BlackCat445478952 December 22, 2012
She a social, cunning, passionate woman. To have an Erika as a friend is to be extremely fortunate. She one that is trusted by all groups of people. And as sweet as sweet can be... When she wants to be. To say she is a firecracker is an understatement. Once you've pissed her off, you shall pay for the rest of your life! However, this somehow does not threaten her people skills. She always finds a way to your heart whether you commit to her or not.
Erika is unforgettable.
by TheSwordMaster July 11, 2013
She is the perfect example of bubbly personality. She lights up a room with her childlike cuteness. Despite her cuteness she is very beautiful and fashionable. She is the kind of girl that will be considered a friend to everyone and desired by all. She is creative and always finds new crafts to create. She wants everyone to be happy.
You were really kind like Erika.
by Kevin Dali September 14, 2013
when you see a girl named a Erika, you wont ever think the sweetest dream will do she's so damn beautiful even stars fall from heaven
me: wow Erika looks so amazing everyday, i want to be her man
by raggie November 22, 2012
She is a loving,beautiful,caring girl she is very talented and is loved by many people she is very popular and an amazing person if you get the chance to be with her don't let her leave keep her because u will not always get another chance she also has a big butt and big lips
Erika is loving and beautiful girl don't lose her
by Mor327 June 12, 2015
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