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The city that holds the title for worst weather in the Milky Way. Winter lasts from November to April. Because of this, certain non-residents think they can cruise at 10 mph on I-90 and they still end up fish tailing into a guard rail. If weather isn't bad enough, crime outweighs it. Over thirty murders, robberies, and meth lab explosions happen every minute. The catchy tune of the Millcreek Mall song is the only thing that tunes out the sound of gunshots. A good form of entertainment is going to the lake and swimming in the borderline freezing water. Which isn't too bad, except for the fact that there's more globs of algae than water molecules. People who grow up there usually never leave. Even though they bragged about leaving for much of their childhood. After high school, most teens take up the job of drug dealing. In fact, pot plants and used needles outnumber the general population. At least the local hospitals get good business.
Person #1: Dude, what happened?

Person #2: I went to Erie Pa for five hours and left with half an arm and no money.
by Ethan Randall November 15, 2014
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