The love of my life. He's every way. I couldn't imagine life without him. I love everything about him...his hazel eyes...curly hair...the way he he listens to me...the way he laughs and makes me sweet he I can tell him everything and we make it through every fight we've gotten in he calls me he calls me he wants me for me, and respets how I want to wait. How he's also my he smiles...the way he looks at he picks me he calls me boo boo I can't stay away from I know we'll make it though everything. I love him.
Cat: What're you doing?
Casey: Thinking 'bout Erick. :)
by XxSoftballBaby August 12, 2011
a guy who's totally a douche, most of the time, but has feelings at times. sweetest guy you'll ever meet. ericks only work once, not twice.
girl : he is such a erick !
friend : i know, i shouldn't have went with him!
by lightnot88 October 16, 2011
Sleep talking ass pirate with eyepatch. Wears broken glasses and one earring in right ear. Likes the mens bathroom where he talks to other guys in shower. Loves to randomly scream penis in front of mens' doors. Plays as a stripper for girls' 18th birthdays.
I ordered a stripper for my friend's 18 and this guy showed up with an eyepatch. What an Erick!
by IJUSTGOTERICK'D October 11, 2011
An extremely homosexual man that has seen every dick.
holy fuck its Erick run for you dicks!
by screaming dick May 01, 2011
When one needs to address someone named Eric or Erik in text format but doesn't know how the name is actually spelt.
"i was so embarrassed when I instant messaged Eric yesterday because i didn't know how to spell that mofo's name, so i just wrote 'Erick'."
by Drew Toresco January 06, 2008

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