Erick, \e-ri-ck\ means Ruler of the People. Not only is he a strong leader, he is a peaceful leader. He leads by influence and example, only using the force of his amazing pectoral, arm, neck, and quad muscles when warranted. Those subjected to his awesome strength soon regret it. Those that do follow his lead without resistance usually experience a two fold increase in wealth, power, health and happiness.He can adapt to any environment and any situation and takes pride in keeping himself fit. If you are the right sort of woman, and if you are lucky enough, you will find that an Erick will love you hard and strong. He will do whatever it takes to keep you happy and satisfied and will be the ruler of your love life.
Erick is a strong, fit, sexy man. The most attractive Ericks have red hair and blue eyes. You'll know him when you see him.
by runner1516 July 20, 2009
Top Definition
The name Erick means "ever-ruler" or "ruler of the people"
An Erick is often of Spanish / Latin decent. He is a thoughtful, kind and extremely generous species, often with gorgeous dark sparkling eyes and black hair. Erick is the most intelligent man to grace the earth, known especially for his abilities in math and engineering. An Erick can have any girl he wants, but tends to favour redheads.

Erick is also known for being physically perfect, and he attracts attention for his body wherever he goes. Erick is the best lover in the world, and really knows how to satisfy his woman! Everyone loves Erick.
Erick surprised me yesterday and brought me a bouquet of calla lilies!

I went over to Erick's last night and he gave it to me for hours!

mmmmmm I can't wait to taste Erick!

friend: damn I can't find a guy that can satisfy me!
Melissa: Girl, you need to get yourself an Erick! He's the perfect man!
by CallaBaby May 16, 2007
The coolest person in the world. Loving all games especially maplestory. He's funny and is not an attention hoe. He hates head-bobbing people.
by SMDYOU August 16, 2010
most amazingestest guy in the whole wide world. hes the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for, hes soo cute and has a sexy body. he always knows what to say but he gets cranky alot. i still still love him sooooooooooooooooooo much :) oh and hes prude
i love my freaking amazing boyfriend, erick.
by erickisaloser November 07, 2011
The Erick has a well known reputation for being a complete boss. The Erick is usually found eating rocks, beef jerky made soggy from Tabasco sauce, and small children. When night falls, the Erick goes out to hunt for vegetarians, hippies, and members and supporters of the organization PETA. You can recognize the Erick by the bossiness in his expression and the extremely large pectoral muscles. If you are of the female gender, you may be able to see the Erick's large genitalia. The Erick is often confused with the Joseph Lara, which is a more extreme version of the Erick.
"Hey, look at that complete boss over there!"
"He looks like he probably has exceptionally large genitals."
"He must be an Erick."
by josephlaraisacompleteboss March 27, 2009
A legendary human being. Rumor has it that he was born inside of a volcano and was raised by a grizzly bear and a bald eagle. He would later grow up to be a complete boss in every sense of the word. Women have an uncontrollable desire for his charming good looks and personality. He has the body of a Greek god and possesses the voice of an angel. Is sometimes referred to as "Thor Molecules" and "Galaxy Knuckles".
Erick walked into gynecologist's office by accident and every female instantly became impregnated.
by Galaxy Knuckles July 19, 2012
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