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An attractive radio host with an extremely quirky personality and a Canadian accent.
I saw Eric Tucker at Starbucks this morning.
by Angelmusic July 08, 2011
The most amazing guy in the whole wide world.The nicest and cutest guy ever.One of the funniest guys out there.Everything about him is PERFECT.An extremely lovable person,who's especially loved by morgan gonzalez.A guy who makes morgan so happy,and completes her life.The one and only guy that makes morgan happy.The only guy morgan truely cares so much about and would do anything for<3 The only guy morgan could not ever be mad at,even if she tried.Words can't even explain how much he means to morgan.The guy who truely has morgan's heart.Morgan's dream come true<3 Eric Tucker's perfectness is beyond explaining in words.
Eric Tucker
by <3!<3!<3 April 07, 2011
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