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Exceptionally sexy Dominican woman who is loved by anyone she comes across and has a smile so bright it makes the sun look like a keychain light. Very infectious laugh and heavy moaner.
Wow, that woman is so beautiful she could be Aphrodite. Wait no, shes even prettier, she's an Eriana for sure.
by InsaneDancer2 May 08, 2011
The most amazing girl a guy can ever even dream of. At first glance you cant help but to stare and try to see if such beauty exists, or if it is just an illusion. Everything about her is beyond perfect. No word, in any dictionary, in any language, can describe her. She has beauty that any normal guy would kill for. Her personality is just as good as her looks if not better. She is unlike any other girl or as some would say "basic". She is unique in her own way that makes her much more attractive. She is a blessing to any guy lucky enough to be with her.
Eriana is amazing.
by Milehigh July 28, 2014
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