this word is pretty self explanitory
what the hell is an erectum?
by funkblaster4000 July 20, 2006
Top Definition
When you have to poop so badly that your rectum feels hard. It is often harder to get all the poop out when you go since it is dense and very hard.
"I need to poop so bad. I have an erectum."
by spidurmonkie September 09, 2012
An Erectum is when the man inserts his penis into his partner's ass before it is erect, and then it becomes erect while sitting inside of their partner's ass.
"Did you hook up with that chick last night?"

"Yeah, we had an Erectum."

"...the fuck is an Erectum...?"
by CJSummer August 06, 2015
Like Rectum, but refers to the Shaft
Why do i pronounce Rectum as Erectum?
by Your Best Idiot April 01, 2010
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