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An excruciatingly good action movie.
Yo have you seen equilibrium??? best movie EVAR!!
by Furon September 28, 2005
1. A state of balance resulting from the equal actions of opposite forces.

2. A movie by Kurt Wimmer.
If you are holding an object in mid-air (Not using your hands, by something like a fan) then you have created equilibrium in the object.
by Isaac20 January 21, 2007
The greatest metal band ever.
Equilibrium's instrumental, Mana, made my fucking head explode.
by ImsupercooI September 06, 2008
A great action movie starring Christian Bale, and featuring the highest on-screen body count of any film (non-war).
Even more than Hard Boiled.
by matt November 03, 2004
The best movie ever.
yo yo I watched Equilibrium last night and I was lime "woooahhh!"
by Nooby McNoob August 03, 2003
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