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The phenomenon of sitting down to have a poo and, whilst pooing having a brilliant idea also. A little bit like the Eureka moment famously experienced by Archimedes.
Archimedes: ...and so it just came to me in an epoophany, of course the toilet water rises cus its now full of poo! Eureka!

Archimedes' Chum: You should change it so it was just you in the bath, no one really likes poo.
by Samanal P Janickels January 25, 2011
The sudden and imparitive urge to take a massive shit.
Jenny: "MOTHER FUCKING DAMN SHIT! I'm in the midst of an epoophany."
Jack: "Hurry! Find a bathroom before your intestines explode!"
Jenny: "Can't. Go. Any. Further." *Shits in the street*
by realniggaJJB October 22, 2013
A sudden realization or "moment of clarity" you have while sitting on the toilet.
(Coming out of the bathroom) "OMG! I just had an epoophany!"
by diabolicalpanther September 14, 2008
The act of having a sudden intuitive leap of understanding all while dropping a deuce.
Joe: Dude what took you so long?
Nate: I'm really sorry man, but I was taking this massive dump and it just came to me.
Joe: Wait what do you mean man?
Nate: I'm....I'm... Muslim
Joe: Wow man! You shit so hard you had an Epoophany!
Nate: Wow dude! Praise be Allah
by GinerShiner March 15, 2014
Having an epiphany while taking a dump
"Oh shit I just had an epoophany!" (no pun intended)
by Pincusfloyd July 22, 2007
A sudden "brilliant" realization that, upon reflection, turns out to be stupid (often immediately after you've shouted it out to everyone within earshot, or, worse, published it in a public forum).
"John had a really embarrassing epoophany in math class yesterday; he thought he'd figured out that all odd numbers were prime (because 3, 5, and 7 are) and tried to prove it in front of the whole class."
by Abrax March 28, 2008
To experience a sudden and striking realization while on the toilet.
I've been racking my brain trying to find a solution to our problem. Then, while on the toilet, I had an epoophany.. The answer is, MORE COWBELL!
by Oscar94Shane July 31, 2012

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